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Embracing Tango – Techniques and metaphors between tango and life. PDF


Everything you must to know about tango salon. Embracing Tango is the first book that revealed the milonga etiquettes, showed the secrets of irmprovisation and developed strategies to favor the invitation to dance. It includes reflection articles such as “The Surrender”, “The Embrace” and “The Posture”, in addition to explaining six basic figures of tango salon accompanied by photographs.


Tango FAQs – 60 Frequently Asked Questions About Argentine Tango Dance. PDF


Dynamic, with some illustrations, Tango FAQs answers 60 frequently asked questions: “What are the most important codes? How was tango born? What posture should be taken to dance? Or What to do if the partner doesn’t want to dance?”, among many other issues. A necessary book to evacuate those doubts that you always had and you had never been encouraged to solve.