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Tango FAQs – 60 Frequently Asked Questions About Argentine Tango Dance. PDF


Dynamic, with some illustrations, Tango FAQs answers 60 frequently asked questions: “What are the most important codes? How was tango born? What posture should be taken to dance? Or What to do if the partner doesn’t want to dance?”, among many other issues. A necessary book to evacuate those doubts that you always had and you had never been encouraged to solve.


The Quest for the Embrace – The History of Tango Dance (1800-1983)


How was the tango dance born? What is true about their African roots or their prosthetic origin? This is the first book dedicated entirely to telling the story of tango dance within the Argentine and world socio-political context, from the beginning of the 19th century until the new awakening originated by the show “Tango Argentino”. The Quest for the Embrace has been sponsored by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and has been declared of “Cultural Interest” by the Buenos Aires Legislature and the Ministry of Culture of the Argentine nation. A tribute and a thorough investigation, which has made it the most requested book in the tango environment.